“Behavior” is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and highly contextual.

Here at Pack Fit, we classify behavior in 2 categories: “classroom” behavior (obedience, agility, vocational and purposed behaviors) and “real world/ functional” behavior (state of mind conditioning, social skills, relationship, choice-making, etc).  Both speaking to very different aspects of the dog (mental vs. emotional), though are very much connected. Similar to what children learn in school vs. what they *should be* learning at home. We deal more with “real world/ functional” behavior through the work we do.

Learning what our dogs’ needs are is pivotal and a powerful ingredient in being able to prevent unsavory behaviors from taking form~ and even troubleshoot them.

We currently have 2 books, the internationally celebrated “My Dog, My Buddha”, and our newest, “The Zen of Dog Training” Behavioral Impact, eBook.

Both complement each other and are excellent resources for understanding “behavior” better.

(Keep your eyes peeled, we’re wrapping up the sequel to “My Dog, My Buddha”!) <3



“I am LOVING this book! It’s a quick and truly meaningful read… I find myself wanting to “high five” Kimberly Artley lots throughout each section and am especially inspired by Lesson 21 “Faith it ’til you make it.” and Lesson 49 “We’re all connected.” I’m sure more and more inspiration will continue to flow as I read further (had to put the book down to write this post… it’s that good).” ~ Courtney S.

“I want to tell you about this book that I’m reading, My DOG My BUDDHA by Kimberly Artley. I am not much of a book reader, I haven’t touched a book in a while. I tend to lose interest within a few minutes of opening up a book. I’m like that on long Face Book posts too. I could NOT put this book down. In this book, Kimberly breaks it up in to 100 lessons, so you can read one lesson over the course of 100 days. Or you can just read it in its entirety, choice is yours. And guess what…? You don’t even need a dog to understand the book. This book, to me, is about self. One lesson centers around being in the present, not to live in the past or worry about the future. Just be in the now. There’s also other life lessons too, I’m just bring up one of the lessons.
I had the great honor of meeting Kim, about a week ago, and I’m glad I did. She has an energy and presence about her that I cannot put into words, you can feel it in her words as you read her book.” ~ Ted W.

“This book was an eye opener for me. I took the time to read and absorb every detail of this amazing book. Before reading it, I was an anxious person with a anxious dog. I knew I had to change and be the person that my dog wanted me to be. But I was struggling, and without realizing it was affecting my already insecure dog. I found the link for My Dog,My Buddha. To Human. Love dog. On Facebook, it could not have happened at a better time. This book explains everything in such a beautiful way and it gives you a great insight on our relationship with our dogs. I highly recommend it to those who wish to live a calm balance life with your dog.” ~ Anon. Amazon Customer

“My Dog, My Buddha” is a much needed beautifully written book that helps guide us humans to better connect with and understand our canine friends. But it doesn’t just stop there Kimberly Artley challenges us to look inward, to reflect on our own lives and what we can do to grow and become better more balanced individuals. My Dog, My Buddha has not only changed my relationship with my own dogs but it has changed the way I look at and approach my own life. I love this little book!!!” ~ Dorey K.

“My Dog, My Buddha has quickly become the most highlighted, color-tabbed & quoted-shared book in my library. As a dog trainer, I have been witnessing mindsets shift in the clients I work with because of the gems of wisdom in this book that I have been able to share. Kimberly Artley truly understands dogs and people, which is the perfect recipe to restore balance where it can otherwise seem quite hopeless. Most inspiring book I have read in ages and would not hesitate to recommend it to any dog person, especially looking for some help and hope! ” ~ Erin N.

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