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Primates and Canines. Humans and Dogs. Two species of animal. Two different languages and methods of communication. Dogs are constantly communicating with us, only most of what they’re saying often gets misread, misinterpreted and maybe even missed completely.

Book Your AppointmentPackFit is an elite human + canine training + lifestyle company dedicated to enhancing and improving quality of life for both the two- and the four-leggeds through our carefully chosen products, education, and our highly customized, situationally-specific, tailored training services. Our mission is to inform and empower the human end of the leash so that the canine end can return to their natural, balanced state. To bridge the existing divide, while strengthening our age-old bond through deeper understanding. Helping people become better versions of themselves, so they can become the leaders their dogs absolutely need them to be.

PackFit takes a holistic approach to training and behavior. No area is left unexplored, for every aspect in life is connected and is most influential when it comes to health, state of mind and behavior. We teach the human end of the leash how to meet and fulfill their dog’s needs as a member of the canine species, and work to uncover the root cause of behavior before addressing the symptoms. “Behavior” is simply expression. Symptomatic of a driving force underlying it.

PackFit. Training dogs. Empowering people. Changing lives. 


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A Call to Arms.

I just stumbled across a video I did not want to watch, but since Facebook has changed its settings- it played anyway. I got a quarter of the way through and had to get it off my screen. Every once in a while a reality check pops in reawaken our senses....

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