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Welcome to PackFit!

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015Primates and Canines. Humans and Dogs. Two species of animal. Two entirely different languages and methods of communication. Dogs are constantly communicating with us, only most of what they’re saying often gets misread, misinterpreted and maybe even missed completely. Sadly, more often than not, it’s Dog who usually suffers and pays the consequence for this.

Book Your AppointmentPack Fit is a unique dog training and behavior company dedicated to serving both ends of the leash. Through empowering the human end, we enable people to become the leaders their dogs absolutely need them to be. This inevitably and directly affects the canine end as Dog looks to us for their cues, guidance and direction. Teaching and empowering the human, training and guiding Dog. Vastly improving quality of life and peace of mind for both.

Pack Fit takes a very holistic approach to training and behavior, acknowledging that every dog, every human with the dog, and every living scenario is quite different. No area is left unexplored, for there are several variables factoring into any one given behavior; each influencing and impacting the other. Everything is connected. We teach the human end of the leash how to meet and fulfill their dog’s needs as a member of the canine species, as well as how to help them reach and maintain a balanced state of mind. We work to uncover the root cause of behavior before addressing the symptoms. Like with us humans, “behavior” is simply an expression, and is reflective of a driving force underlying it.

Much of our work is centered around:

  • building the trust and respect factor in order to create a solid foundation (the basis of any sound relationship, regardless of species) and rapport,
  • teaching Dog how to practice polite, respectful behavior in any given scenario,
  • fostering a deeper understanding within the human-canine dynamic,
  • teaching the human how to meet and fulfill Dog’s instinctual needs as a canine species,
  • de-programming and re-programming behaviors, responses and reactions to stimuli,
  • the fine art of timing, consistency and clarity when it comes to reinforcement, praise and discipline,
  • creating a functional, mutually beneficial language,
  • refining the walk,
  • teaching basic obedience,
  • teaching how to create calm and balance,
  • species-appropriate human and canine nutrition,
  • life coaching and personal empowerment work for the human end of the leash, and more.


PackFit is for you if:

  • you’re a first time dog guardian and companion,
  • your dog is a new addition to the family and pack,
  • you have a young puppy and want to set everyone up for a successful dynamic,
  • you have a puppy or dog and want to ensure they lead a high quality, balanced life,
  • you’re thinking about adopting or fostering a dog and want to find the right match for you, your family, and your style of life,
  • you’d like to teach basic obedience, and/or
  • your dog is exhibiting any of the following behaviors: excessive digging, barking, jumping, counter-surfing, nipping, chewing, and whining, separation anxiety, low to mild forms of aggression, fear, insecurity, overexcitement or hyperactivity, destructiveness, leash reactivity towards other dogs, pulling on leash, and more.

PackFit. Training dogs. Empowering people. Changing lives.