Specialized Canine Training

We are so very excited and proud to introduce Mr. Simon Prins under the PackFit umbrella! Simon has over 30 years of experience with, not just training dogs, but various species of animal. He’s also co-author of the popular training manual, “K9 Behavior Basics”, a contributor to several different magazines (both in America and in Europe), has trained extensively under the amazing Bob Bailey, and travels the world training other trainers in more specialized canine training. He’s a *wealth* of knowledge, and we’re ecstatic to introduce him to our pack and community.

Not all dogs fair well as “pet” dogs. It’s so important, especially for the working breeds of dogs, to have a job to do. Not only is fulfilling their instinctual needs a key ingredient in creating calm, building trust and respect, and achieving balance, but so is fulfilling their breed-specific needs. Working breeds of dogs weren’t designed to hang around in the unemployment line, and this often creates a great deal of frustration, boredom, anxiety, etc, which – inevitably- leads to number of challenging behaviors. This is one of the biggest reasons why we see so many dogs such as: Aussie Shepherds, Corgis, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, etc. creating quite the challenge for their humans, practicing not-so-stellar states of mind, and exhibiting ill behaviors. This is also the reason these very dogs are getting bounced around and turned into shelters at alarming rates.

Like us, dogs need a sense of purpose. A job to do. A problem to solve. We can curb this creatively, as well as outright with activities such as: tracking and scent detection, search and rescue, target training, radio work, and more.

If you’d like to do more focused, purpose-driven, and specialized training with your dog, please contact us here.