The Walk

“The Walk” is probably one of the most significant elements in the human-dog dynamic, yet is one of the most frustrating and challenging for many.

Structured walking and leash communication is one of the most common struggles we work with, and is far more reflective of other ingredients other than the obvious. Much like most other things, what’s happening outside is reflective of what’s happening inside. Meaning: if there are challenges with your dog outside the home, you’re most likely experiencing some challenges inside the home and within the relationship.

The Walk is a sacred activity. It’s an opportunity to build and strengthen trust and respect (the foundation for any solid relationship), create an open (and mutually understandable) line of communication, incorporate and reinforce structure, rules and boundaries, raise our level of relevance in the mind of the dog, work on impulse control, manage state of mind, build confidence, redefine and reprogram self- and world-concepts, and more.

It’s muy importante that anyone handling or consistently sharing space with the dog is on the same page in regards to training, rules, boundaries, and expectations; including and especially on “the walk”, as much is being established, reinforced, and communicated during this activity.

How to Get Started

These are interesting times in the world’s history, and everyone’s being asked to practice “social distancing”. This provides us with a most excellent opportunity to get outside and work on cleaning up the walk!

To get started, we first conduct the IBAC (this covers a great deal of ground, is incredibly informative and detailed, and will help us determine what aids to communication and state of mind management are needed).

After this is done, we conduct a virtual training session covering “the language of the leash”.

Then, we put our newly acquired information, understanding, and mechanical skills to the test on 3 “social distancing pack walks”.

What will I learn?

Everyone will develop fluency in: dog psychology, behavior, reading and assessing dogs and situations, advocacy, state of mind management, how to communicate clearly, leash handling, and more.

How do I sign up and what’s the cost?

The cost for the program is $597, and each clinic will include: the IBAC, 1 Virtual “Language of the Leash” session, and 3 *coached and directed* social distancing pack walks with other members of the group.

*Dates and times will be provided*


“Our experience with Packfit was truly enlightening and transformative.”

Jenn D.

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