Shadow and Mentorship Program

packfit’s shadow & mentorship outline

The Shadow and Mentorship Program allows us to draw upon all aspects of our background of human psychology, health and life coaching, nutrition, and yoga & personal fitness, as well as dog psychology, training, and behavior, and is designed to speak to all dimensions of our lives. Much like our dog training programs, it’s highly customized and tailored to speak to the individual.

The program is a personal and professional coaching program for dog owners and enthusiasts, established and budding trainers, and anyone wanting to improve their quality of life in any facet. We’ll be covering a wide range of topics from dog psychology to training and behavior, as well as human psychology and behavior, human and canine nutrition, business, finding and making your unique professional stamp, and personal discovery and development.

We weren’t born to fit in. We were born to stand out. To share our natural gifts and contribute to the betterment of the world. The world needs us to believe in ourselves, and to understand we’ve been blessed with certain interests and talents for great reason.

Follow the nudge. We come to this life with a certain special sauce. A purpose and need to fulfill in only the way we can. Many of us fall under the guise that we need to do a certain thing and follow a certain path in order to “be successful” in life. We’re often told to ignore what lights us on fire and not to follow our bliss because it won’t afford us a certain way of living; but this is false programming. Something inside of us is telling us we’re meant for more. When we follow “the nudge”, the path we weren’t certain would show up is illuminated. The way is shown, the resources arrive, and the question marks disappear. Funny how that works…

Our goal in any training and mentorship program is to teach folks how to improve quality of life for both ends of the leash, and also help those wishing to turn their love for dogs into a mission-based business. Identifying their special sauce, their truth, and turning it into their contribution to the world. Helping people to create a meaningful life that fulfills, centers, inspires, and also excites, not only themselves~ but those around them.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to a successful business, and our experience is proof. If you have a clear sense of purpose, an understanding of self, a strong enough will, and a vision… you can achieve anything.

We’re currently accepting enrollments, so if you’re looking to start your dog training business or take your existing business to the next level, learn how to employ work-life balance, and/or want to learn more about canine psychology, training, and behavior, we want to help! We’re in the business of helping our clients and their dogs become the greatest versions of themselves… and we want to help you, too. It’s never too late to make that shift, create that change, and make that difference. Only a choice (or set of choices) away. Create *your* Great! Contact us here.


“Where do I begin? I can’t say enough great things about Kimberly! She is compassionate, understanding, genuine, kind hearted …and I could keep going! She is passionate about what she does and pours her heart into her work, full throttle. Just like the services she offers her clients, her Shadow and Mentorship Program is very well thought out, detailed, and customized to individual needs. Kimberly is a wealth of knowledge – all things dog behavior, effectively relaying information to clients, business structure, branding, nutrition (dog and human), and even personal growth – she is fully committed to helping you accomplish your goals.

This program exceeded my expectations and has helped me take my business to the next level. I am overwhelmed with relief and gratitude. Thank you Kimberly for giving me guidance and shining light on my situation when I felt like I was stuck. A truly empowering and even emotional experience. I now feel like I have the tools and that I can do this! Thank you Kimberly for playing an integral part in my personal growth and business development. If you can’t tell already, I highly recommend this program!”

~ Michelle K., Piece of Cake Dog Training, Virginia Beach, VA

“Making the cross-continental trek to Virginia from the west coast of Canada to be mentored by Kimberly was one of the wisest decisions I’ve made for myself to elevate my current dog business and expand my repertoire of knowledge and skills.
Kimberly delivered on all levels I had hoped for (beyond just dog training), helping me see the importance of more consistent self-care, providing useful assistance on website content, design and flow, and coming up with creative ideas for service offerings (she’s even been known to shoot off emails in the night when awakened with inspirations!) to name a few.
I am most grateful for her care and patience in answering my many questions about specific dog behavior cases I had been seeking greater understanding with, recognizing that clarity can be found in all situations when one is educated on the importance of meeting instinctual needs and learning what it means to provide sound leadership in the eyes of the dog. Kimberly is masterful at teaching this, and while under her wing, I was lucky to have observed several client consultations (IBACs) and training sessions to see her in action, which was invaluable to say the least! Being a witness to how remarkably well she relates to people, shares her wisdom with grace and confidence, and gently teaches practical techniques and approaches is not only empowering for the humans she is working with, but equally so for anyone who is observing these impressive interactions.
As a bonus, I was excited at the invitation to delve into Kimberly’s vast library consisting of hundreds of books and DVDs on a variety of topics surrounding dog behavior, body language, training, nutrition, assessment, wolves, personal development, fitness… the list goes on and on. Having access to these resources, especially with her expertise and advice to point me in a direction that was relevant for me, was a much added bonus!
Kimberly is crystal clear in her mission to empower people and change the lives of both ends of the leash, and anyone who decides to learn from her will be richly blessed with her authentic wisdom and much needed perspective in the world of ‘dog’ training.
I left from my time with her feeling radically equipped and ready to start impacting more lives, and would not hesitate to recommend spending some quality time with this quality lady!”
~ Erin N., Unconditional Love Animal Teaching