Puppy School

The first year of ever dog’s life is a most impactful and important one for various reasons, so it’s important we learn what we need to learn to teach, guide, and develop them. Equipping and setting everyone up ahead of time is far easier than behavior modification down the road (and much less stressful!).

Our first basic puppy program (for puppies 10 – 16 weeks) includes:

: (4) 1 hour private sessions covering: our puppy home management system, teaching *effective* communication, getting the pup familiar with his or her name, certain rules and boundaries (this will differ from household to household), basic manners, familiarizing the pup with the leash and starting on the basics of structured walking, in-home etiquette, and crate and house training (puppies have very short attention spans, so best to train in very short increments with a lot of breaks in between).

For pups 16 weeks – 1 year, we begin to develop other aspects of the dog, working on: proper socialization and exposure, understanding the difference between appropriate and inappropriate choices, sharing social and public space respectfully, developing relationship, impulse control, and much more. We also start teaching and reinforcing basic obedience commands with varying levels of challenge. This program is 4 – 6 (1 – 1.5 hour) lessons.
Both options include: 
: enrollment in all 4 of our online courses (for the human’s continued education and reference), and
: the Pack Fit Welcome Kit with all items and aids we’ll be using in and which will help support the training (e.g. the Pack Fit treat training pouch, training leash, Pack Fit Slip Lead, Pack Fit clicker, Doggie Supplement Rack booklet, etc).
Since we are a custom and more personalized training and education company, we do tailor our training packages to meet the specific needs of the individuals involved. Some purchase both packages to cover a full year of learning as the puppy grows and matures, while others  prefer starting off with us laying a solid foundation (as well as potty and crate training) through a 1 or 2 week Stay and Learn (our board and train) program.
The gateway to working with us is through the IBAC (the Initial Behavioral Assessment  and Consultation). Although puppies are, essentially, a “tabula rasa”, it’s important we equip the pup’s human with all they need to know to communicate (effectively), condition wanted behavior, and prevent (and even troubleshoot) unwanted behaviors. We are our pup’s primary source of information in this world, and they’re looking to us for their cues, guidance, directives, and how to feel about every situation they enter into; equipping the human end of the leash is a critical piece to raising any dog.
We can’t emphasize enough the importance of starting any dog’s training and education early (and human’s, especially if a first-time, solo-responsibility owner).

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“Kimberly Artley is a godsend. Her methods don’t just include the dog either. She has worked closely with us, answering all of our texts and emails with patience and informative guidance. Kimberly has been our best investment and I cannot recommend her enough. She has done what we thought was impossible: taken away a timid, obsessive dog and returned a confident, calm dog that no longer thinks our cat is the devil himself. She’s taken the hope we had for a happy fur-family and made it into a reality. A reality that involves work from us but work that we’re more than happy to put in based on the return we’re getting.”

Maggie D.

Relief and quality of life starts here.

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