The PACKFIT Academy was created to educate, inform, inspire and empower. After all, we can’t lead, guide and way-show an animal of a different species unless we understand how. We’re incredibly passionate about reaching and teaching the human end of the leash, so they can show up as more confident, equipped and grounded versions of themselves. Becoming the type of leader and provider their dogs need them to be.
Packfit Academy

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Here at Pack Fit, we’re incredibly passionate about education and sharing knowledge so we can best equip and empower our dogs’ main information source in this world…. their human/s. We’re always working on unique and insightful courses that speak to training and developing the “whole dog”, and you can access them here.

Packfit Academy

Interview with Kimberly Artley / "Unleash Your Dog" International Dog Training and Behavior Telesummit

I was asked to take part in an extraordinary Dog Training and Behavior Telesummit event hosted by the lovely Cameron Thompson of Home 2K9. It was an incredible and most inspiring event with some of the industry’s most influential change-agents, and – I’m proud to say – started some much-needed conversations about dog training and behavior, and inspired some magnificent shifts between dog and human.

This is my interview; in it, I talk about my journey into this line of work, the Pack Fit Approach, Nutrition, Dog Psychology and Behavior, and more.

Please enjoy, and my hope is some valuable seeds will be planted and helpful insight is gained : )

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"Northern Virginia Advice Givers" Podcast Interview

PackFit was featured in the most recent “Northern Virginia Advice Givers” podcast. Here we discuss dog behavior and all the fun offshoots. Was so much fun talking to Ryan and the crew! Awesome people doing awesome things in the world.

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Lesson #77: The importance of following through.

Whether we're creating a boundary, giving a cue or command, setting a parameter, or reinforcing a rule, "following through" is a crucial and necessary component to our success and effectiveness in our relations with our dogs. Following through blends direction and...

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