PACKFIT is truly more than a business. It’s a mission, a movement, a working message, and form of ministry. It’s about creating a much-needed shift in how we view, perceive and read dogs, and how we relate to them… as well as ourselves.

Dogs aren’t born understanding what we consider to be acceptable vs. unacceptable, polite vs. impolite, and respectful vs. disrespectful behavior. The onus 100% falls upon us to teach them this.

We currently have some of the most psychologically challenged, imbalanced and neurotic dogs on the planet. We baby them. Humanize them. Love them to the point of instability and insecurity, and attempt to fulfill our own emotional voids and needs through them. If we want to help our dogs return to balance, we must be open and willing to shift.

Our goal is to teach and empower the human end of the leash, guiding them on how to best show up, meet instinctual needs, communicate and follow through; thus instilling trust, respect and a bond like no other. This work inevitably ripples out and affects every aspect of our lives, which is why people often refer to our work as “life changing”.

We’re on a heart-driven mission to…

Inspire shift, possibility, accountability and positive change.

Equip both ends of the leash with the tools and guidance needed to set everyone up for success.

Prevent more dogs from getting discarded, bounced around from home to home, needlessly drugged, and robbed of their lives.

Redefine what “love” means when it comes to our dogs.

Advocate and be the voice for the misunderstood and those in need.

Address unwanted behaviors and not-so-stellar states of mind…effectively.

Restore balance and connection.

Relieve stress and frustration, and improve quality of life, communication and peace of mind for all.

PACKFIT exists today to start a much-needed global conversation, and bridge the inter-species divide.

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There are no “bad dogs”. Only misguided, misunderstood, or completely unguided dogs.

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