PACKFIT is for those who are…

  • open to guidance, instruction and direction,
  • eager to understand, learn about and work with their dogs, and are
  • ready to commitparticipate and be involved in the practice and process of training.

This is very much a team and collaborative effort as educating and training the dog’s human is crucial to the overall effectiveness, “stick-ability”, longevity, and success of the training.

Our goal is to set you up for success, whether you’re…

  • a first time dog guardian,
  • surviving puppyhood and learning how to equip your new pup through all the developmental stages (especially during their first year of life),
  • looking to add a new canine member to your pack, 
  • experiencing behavioral challenges such as: excessive digging, nuisance barking, jumping, nipping, whining, fear, separation anxiety, fear, insecurity, social anxiety, destructiveness, leash reactivity, aggression, and more.

When gnarly habits, poor behavioral patterns, zero impulse control, and poor states of mind exist, it will take time, effort, consistency and diligence to undo and teach otherwise. Patience is a necessary ingredient.

Relief and quality of life starts here.

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We all have the same hours in a day. “Not having time” to dedicate to and invest in our dogs is really code for “that’s currently not a priority.” When something or someone is a priority, we make the time. Our dogs deserve this of us.

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Lesson #77: The importance of following through.

Whether we're creating a boundary, giving a cue or command, setting a parameter, or reinforcing a rule, "following through" is a crucial and necessary component to our success and effectiveness in our relations with our dogs. Following through blends direction and...

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