I.B.A.C. (Initial Behavioral Assessment and Consultation)

Before we enter into any training agreement, we first conduct an I.B.A.C. (Initial Behavioral Assessment and Consultation) either virtually or in person. The I.B.A.C. is approximately 2 – 2.5 hours in length and, on top of our gathering information and assessing, is also incredibly informative, highly detailed, and quite thorough. The feedback we receive from the I.B.A.C will provide the foundation from which our approach to training is crafted and based. It’s never a “one size fits all” proposition.

Sometimes the I.B.A.C. is all that’s needed; other times, additional help is necessary. During the IBAC, we’re assessing the varying ingredients that are influencing and contributing to the dog/s behavior/s, and noting goals, needs, and challenges. Basically, we get both the human and the dog’s side of the story (oftentimes, the two are quite different). Directly following the I.B.A.C, an email is sent recapping and highlighting all that was discussed for your records and reference, as well as our suggested approach and any links and PDF’s we feel best speaks to your particular situation.

*Please select the appropriate number of dogs currently in your pack. Even if they are not the dog/s in question, each canine pack member is a contributing and influential ingredient in behavior and must be a part of the assessment.*

**There is a .50/mi travel fee for those outside our immediate 10 radius.**

***Please see our FAQ for refund policy.***

****COVID-19 UPDATE: Although we are conducting in-person IBAC’s, we do prefer to conduct them virtually; and, should we move forward with training, progress to in-person training. We still see all we need to see, hear all we need to hear, and are able to share all we need to share. We do kindly ask that everyone review, sign, date, and scan back to us a COVID-19 consent form prior to in-person meetings and work. Thank you for helping us help to keep ourselves, and our beloved community, safe! ****

I.B.A.C Pricing (includes PayPal Fees)
“Absolutely our pleasure meeting you! Thank you for the generous amount of time you spent with us and the wealth of knowledge/advice you shared. You are PERFECT for what we had in mind and in fact, far exceeded expectations.”
Caroline S.

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