Why are you called “PACKFIT?"
“PACKFIT” represents the effort, practice and investment involved in becoming emotionally, physically and mentally “fit” and balanced. When there’s more than one, it’s a pack.
How much do you charge?
Every dog, every human with the dog, every living scenario and set of circumstances is unique and entirely different. Since we don’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” approach, each of our programs is highly customized and tailored in accordance with the goals and needs of each human and canine dynamic.
What’s your training approach and philosophy?
We can sum up our approach in two words. Relationship and Balance. We focus on building trust and respect, the foundation of any sound relationship, before working with a dog. During this time, we’re figuring out what motivates and using this to help the dog connect dots and put two + two together.

A classroom full of children, with one teacher and one style of explaining and teaching, won’t learn Geometry the way, as is true with dogs. Some may need someone else to try and clarify things, and explain them a bit differently. This is where patience, practice, and consistency come into play, and where some tools may come in for the assist. We allow the dog to tell us what they need and what will work to help them learn.

Dogs aren’t born knowing what we consider to be acceptable behavior vs. non-acceptable behavior. Polite vs. impolite. Respectful vs. disrespectful. Or what’s permissible vs. non-permissible. The onus falls upon us to teach them this.

There’s a big difference between dog “training” and “behavior”. Dog training covers the basics: obedience, commands and tricks. Mental work. Behavior, however, focuses more on the deeper stuff. State of mind and psychological work. Much like the difference between a teacher and a therapist. If your child was having behavioral issues, who would you send him or her to? A therapist, right?

A calm, grounded, balanced state of mind is what we’re working towards. It’s from this space dogs are best able to take in and retain information, and develop the ability to make good, sound choices on their own. We teach, reward, and encourage calm.

What exactly does “holistic” mean?
“Holistic” means the sum of all parts. Everything is interconnected, especially when it comes to behavior.
Behavior is the external expression of one or more underlying, internal driving forces, and is heavily layered and contextual.

We take the time to uncover, examine and address the underlying root causes of behavior and not just the symptoms; which ultimately translates into better communication, far more effective training, mutual understanding, long term peace of mind and a much better quality of life.

Where does private training take place and how do sessions get scheduled?
Outside of the Stay and Learn program, we come to you. We do this so we can work with dogs and their humans in the most common, natural and realistic of settings to get the best results.

There is a high level of accountability with private sessions. Each session builds upon the one prior to it and “homework” is given in between (like going from kindergarten to first grade to second grade and so on). We work on a progressional scale so as not to overwhelm and ensure clarity and understanding, on both ends of the leash. Human level of accountability is a must in order to see results. As we always say, inconsistent efforts reap inconsistent results. Consistent efforts reap consistent results. Private sessions must be completed within 6mo’s of an agreement to training.

If I opt for the “Stay and Learn” program, will I get to see my dog at all?
We understand you’ll miss your constant companion. Updates, videos and pictures are sent throughout your pup’s stay with us so you can be included in the process from afar, can see your pup in action, and witness the progress and transformation being made.
Is your work guaranteed and do you offer refunds?

Again, behavior is highly contextual and heavily layered, and every dog, human with the dog, and living scenario is unique and different. To create balance and shape behaviors, much of our success depends upon the commitment, consistency, practice and follow-through of the humans with the dogs. What we can guarantee is that you’ll see remarkable improvement when our provided plan is followed, homework is practiced in between sessions, and sessions are conducted consistently. It is up to the dog’s human to be proactive, accountable, responsible, and to practice.

This is a training and a process for everyone involved. We can’t jump to the top of the staircase without taking each step at a time. Since the success of our programs are highly dependent upon whether or not the dog’s human is following through, staying the course, etc. it’s unethical for us to offer a 100% guarantee or refunds for the education, coaching, training, etc. being received. You’re still receiving the information, the plans, schedules, mechanical skills, tools, tactics, etc.

Our services and offerings are non-refundable. Private sessions are to be conducted within 6 mo’s time; IBAC’s within a month. As soon as an agreement to train is made, the 6 mo’s begins. Everyone receives a training agreement to be read through, understood, signed, and dated. Even if this agreement isn’t returned, it’s contents and non-refundable fees are still enforced, as are funds for IBAC’s.

Confirmation emails are sent the day prior to every appointment, which do require a response. If a session or IBAC appointment is missed without prior notification, it is forfeited.

Remember, this is a process for everyone involved. We can’t jump to the top of the staircase without taking each step at a time. Since the success of our programs are highly dependent upon whether or not the dog’s human follows through, we feel it’d be unethical for us to offer a 100% guarantee or offer any refunds at this time. When we begin working together, we do so as a team.

How do we get started?
We begin with scheduling the IBAC (Initial Behavioral Assessment and Consultation). This is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours in length, is highly detailed and very informative. The information and feedback we receive from the assessment will serve as the foundation from which our training approach is based, as it covers the varying ingredients factoring into, influencing and impacting your dog’s state of mind and behavior. The cost of the IBAC is $297 and is the only set price we have.

N.B. Each additional dog is $50. For IBAC and In-Home Private Training, we charge a .50 / mile travel fee for every mile over our immediate 10 mi. radius.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, and payments made through PayPal.

We do offer an installment plan through PayPal Credit, which allows the balance to be paid off incrementally for up to 18 months.

Relief and quality of life starts here.

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