K9 Essentials, The Workshop

The PackFit’s K9 Essentials Workshop is an intensive 3 day workshop led by PackFit’s Founder and Author, Kimberly Artley. The workshop will cover a wide spectrum of topics, resulting in a deeper understanding of our dogs, their needs, behaviors, and also (and especially) ourselves.

This unique 3 day course will cover (but not be limited to)…

: PackFit’s 3 Elements of Dog Training,

Effective Communication, 

: Positive Motivation,

The Language of the Leash, 

: The Human Ingredient,

Building Strong Obedience, 

State of Mind Conditioning, 

Behavior Shaping,

Behavioral Prevention & Troubleshooting, Management, & Rehabilitation, 

Channeling Drives, 

: Bridge Signals and the Language of the Clicker,

Data Collection and Building Efficient Training Protocols,


: Biological, Instinctual, and Breed-Specific Needs, 

: Platform Training, 

: Aids to Communication,

…and more.

Workshop Dates: Saturday, 11/24, Sunday, 11/25, and Monday, 11/26
Kimberly will be conducting Private Sessions to offer more individualized, hands-on instruction. Whether to elaborate a bit more on workshop topics, business building, or address deeper concerns with your dog, these one-on-one sessions will be structured to guide, troubleshoot, and personally equip individuals in a wide range of subject matters. Sessions will be 90 min in length and will be limited in number.
Private Sessions: Tuesday, 11/27, Wednesday, 11/28 and Thursday, 11/29
Location: Lake Tiak O’Khata, Louisville, MS

***Pet-friendly accommodations are available on-site (rules and restrictions will apply). There is a 2 dog max per room and an additional $150 working spot fee. A select number of rooms will be blocked off for the event through October 26th at the rate of $75/night. In order to secure a room on-site, please call : 1-888-845-6151 and reserve under the “PackFit” block of rooms.***

If the rooms are sold out, there are a number of other local options (though dogs may not be permitted).

Additional Dog : $150 (if bringing 2)

****We must have at least 20 participants by 10/26 in order to conduct the workshop, so please contact us prior to purchase.****

*****All funds are non-refundable.*****



Kimberly Artley is the Founder of PACKFIT, Author of the highly acclaimed book, “My Dog, My Buddha”, and has been described as the “Mary Poppins” of dog training. It was the hard lessons learned through her “game changer” dog, Lobo, and the many failed training experiences with professional dog trainers that catapulted her into the industry. Seeking answers to the why’s and how-to’s. Exploring all possible explanations as to what went amiss, what was lacking, or- conversely- what was in abundance; all in an effort to create balance, calm, and security.

Her experience with Lobo, in combination with her background of nutrition, psychology, learning, and behavior, for both human and canine, blends seamlessly together, allowing her to take a most comprehensive approach to successfully addressing a wide spectrum of canine behavioral challenges. Everything is interconnected, each influencing the next. She’s studied under many of the greats in the dog training world, has written articles and designed courses through various platforms such as: The Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC Dog Magazine, Working Dog Magazine, The Daily Om, etc., and is also Co-Editor for the Not a Bully campaign and mission.



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