Walk Like a Boss

“The Walk” is probably one of the most significant elements in the human-dog dynamic, yet is one of the most frustrating and challenging for many.

Structured walking and leash communication is one of the most common struggles we work with, and any training, work, and time invested in improving this issue can quickly and easily be offset by someone who’s not well-versed or trained in this, and is not “with the program”.

Much like most other things, what’s happening outside is reflective of what’s happening inside. Meaning: if you’re having challenges with your dog outside the home, you’re most likely having some challenges inside the home and within the relationship.

The Walk is a sacred activity. It’s an opportunity to establish leadership, communication, structure, create impulse control, and also deepen the human-canine bond.

It’s muy importante that anyone handling or consistently sharing space with the dog is on the same page in regards to training, rules, boundaries, and expectations; including and especially on “the walk”, as much is being established, reinforced, and communicated during this activity.

For these reasons and more, PackFit is now offering dog walking and pet sitting services to maintain consistency in our training, while also providing ease of mind and quality of life.

Everyone is fully trained and vetted by Founder Kimberly Artley, and will be fluent in dog psychology, behavior, reading and assessing dogs and situations, and leash communication and handling.

This is a niche service and is available only and specifically for our current clients.

Walks are available in: 30, 45, and 60 minutes time blocks, and monthly contracts are available with one free walk a week.

Rates are $1 per minute, and $10 for each additional dog.

Please contact us to book and also inquire about our pet sitting service.

“Kimberly Artley brought new hope into our lives when we thought there was none left to find. After adopting a high energy dog with some deep rooted issues, I knew it was going to take a very special, educated and experienced person to help us. This is exactly what we got when Kimberly visited us in our home. She offered us the guidance, tools and knowledge that has allowed our lives to return to balance. There is no better feeling than to know she is always there to offer her advice and wisdom. PACKFIT changed our lives!”

Mindy V.

Relief and quality of life starts here.

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