Life can get… busy, and often quite hectic. We understand, which is why we offer a Stay and Learn program.

This is a 2 – 5 week intensive, highly structured behavior shaping and lifestyle program for dogs of all ages and stages, focusing on existing challenges, needs and goals. We begin with the IBAC (Initial Behavioral Assessment and Consultation), which is the gateway to working with us. The dog lives with us for the entire length of time and falls into a highly structured program custom designed around what the IBAC reveals.

Common ingredients that help determine both pricing and duration are…

  • The goals and needs of both the human and dog,
  • Number, type and intensity level of existing behaviors,
  • Number and type of behaviors to be introduced, shaped and conditioned,
  • Current habits, and more.

Videos and pictures are sent throughout the program so everyone can be included in and bear witness to the progress and transformation being made along the way.

We do our very best to set everyone up for success, providing the tools, clarity and understanding in order to do so. Training, educating and empowering the human end of the leash is an equally critical and crucial ingredient in the overall success of any training program. While we can train a dog to a “T”, it’s up to the dog’s human to be able to maintain this after the program is completed. We make every conceivable effort to equip the human end of the leash with the information and tools needed in order to do so.

Everything we do with a dog is a conversation, so when we learn how to best and most effectively communicate with our dogs and meet their needs, we nurture balance, comfort and calm instead of imbalance, discomfort, and stress (which is where most misbehaviors, forms of “aggression”, etc. stem from).

Each Stay and Learn program includes:

  • Customized Welcome Kit
  • Comprehensive and tailored “Take Home Notes” (e.g. a reference manual specifically for your individual dog)
  • Registration to all of our online courses (K9 Essentials”, “My Dog, My Buddha”, “Training the Whole Dog”, and “What to Feed Your Dog… and Why”)
  • Photographs and informative videos sent throughout the dog’s stay with us
  • Follow up sessions so we can educate and train the human end of the leash on how to maintain the foundation that’s been laid once the program has ended (a crucial component to the program’s overall effectiveness and “stick-ability”).
“We were at our wits end with Dino after moving from the suburbs to the city. He was super aggressive, reactive and we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to keep him. Thank goodness we found Kimberly and PACKFIT. She helped us understand our role in his behavior and that we needed to step up and be the pack leaders he needed. We had Dino stay and train with Kimberly for 2 weeks and she was great about sending videos almost every day and keeping in contact with us about his progress. We saw amazing results after just 2 days!

Now our work begins on how to be consistent, set boundaries and step up to our roles. When I saw Dino walk around our neighborhood with Kimberly at drop-off, I literally started crying happy tears. I no longer feel helpless and instead feel empowered!

Thank you so much, Kimberly. You’ve truly changed our lives!”


Relief and quality of life starts here.

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Calm and balance are a daily effort, practice and investment of our time, energy and attention.

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