Humans and dogs are two different species of animal with two different methods of communication and sets of instinctual, physiological needs. Each PACKFIT program is designed specifically to address the goals and needs of both human and canine through a highly tailored and individualized, holistic approach.

Customized In-Home Private Training

We come to you to educate and train in the most common, natural and realistic of circumstances and scenarios; inevitably resulting in the most effective, longer-lasting outcome.

Stay & Learn Training

The Stay and Learn program ranges from 2 – 5 weeks and focuses on setting both ends of the leash up for success; whether it’s simply laying a basic foundation or addressing more challenging behavioral issues.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

*For current clients only* Services offered for more peace of mind, and to stay consistent and maintain leash communication, structured walking, and training.

All programs begin with the IBAC (Initial Behavioral Assessment and Consultation). This is approximately 2.5 hours in length, is highly detailed and informative, and covers the varying ingredients that factor into, influence and impact canine state of mind and behavior. The feedback we receive serves as the foundation for our approach to training.

The cost of the IBAC is $297 and is the only set price we have. Each additional dog is $50.

All programs include:

  • Custom Welcome Kit
  • Enrollment in K9 Essentials Online Course

Relief and quality of life starts here.

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One of the greatest gifts we can give another is our time, energy and undivided attention.

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