DIY (Corona-free) Dog Training


The DIY (Do It Yourself) Dog Training program is a virtual dog training, coaching and educational program conducted from the comfort of your home.

Are you a first time solo responsibility dog owner? Have you just welcomed a new puppy to the family, rescued a dog, and/or are adding to an already existing pack? Are you experiencing questionable and/or concerning behaviors, or simply want to teach your dog some basic commands and better manners?

This program is offered both privately and in group form (groups are kept relatively small in size so we can tailor each program to the needs of our students, and each program rolls out quarterly).

The first program will begin April 15th, 2020.


How does it work?

We first conduct a virtual IBAC (Initial Behavioral Assessment and Consultation). This is an interactive, highly informative group session (note-taking is encouraged). This will also give us a better understanding of the type of help needed, contributing and influential ingredients to concerning behaviors, and other pieces of information needed to craft the best training approach for the group.

Our first session will be dedicated to learning, what we call, the “Language of the Leash”. Learning how to use the leash to provide information and offer directive truly becomes a game-changer in how effective we are in our communications. The leash bridges the language barrier that exists between dogs and humans, and will also allow us to successfully manage state of mind (a key component in “behavior”).

This package will contain 4 more sessions after the IBAC and the “Language of the Leash”.


*Any recommended training items to support training will be available to purchase through Pack Fit at a discounted price (e.g. Pack Fit clicker, Pack Fit treat training pouch, Pack Fit slip lead, training collar, training leash, Pack Fit training vest, etc).*

*The DIY program can be individual or group.*


What does the DIY Dog Training Program include?


  • Incredibly informative live group IBAC,

  • Access to our Private FB group,

  • Bi-Weekly Lessons and Live Check-In’s, and
  • Homework PDF’s and specific home exercises to work on with your dog.


Is the DIY Dog Training program effective?

As with any training program, there’s a high level of accountability involved; but we’ll be there to guide and assist every step of the way.

The DIY dog training program is a cost-effective (and Corona-free!) way of getting the education, coaching, and help needed to deepen understanding of your dog as the dog he or she is, strengthen relationship, connect necessary dots, and will range from “obedience training” (“brain training”) to understanding and working through such behaviors as: mild forms of aggression, reactivity, separation anxiety, social anxiety, fear, leash pulling, destructiveness, excessive chewing, nuisance barking, “selective hearing”, jumping on people, etc.


What will the program be covering?

: dog psychology,

: instinctual, individual, and breed-specific needs,

: the elements of behavior and how to prevent, maintain, and troubleshoot,

: how to communicate clearly and succinctly with your dog,

: nutrition,

: obedience commands,

…and more.


While there is a difference between a “well-trained” and a “well-behaved” dog, we can have both!


*If you have any questions at all, please contact Kimberly at: *

“Kimberly Artley brought new hope into our lives when we thought there was none left to find. After adopting a high energy dog with some deep rooted issues, I knew it was going to take a very special, educated and experienced person to help us. This is exactly what we got when Kimberly visited us in our home. She offered us the guidance, tools and knowledge that has allowed our lives to return to balance. There is no better feeling than to know she is always there to offer her advice and wisdom. PACKFIT changed our lives!”
Mindy V.

Relief and quality of life starts here.

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