Distance Training, Coaching & Mentorship

Whether you’re a professional trainer, dog walker, involved in rescue work, or someone needing help with their dog, please join us. This program is virtual in nature, so we can work with you regardless of distance.

Firstly, we’ll conduct a virtual version of our IBAC. This is an in-depth, informative assessment and consultation where we share information, but also learn about your goals and challenges; enabling us to tailor a program that speaks directly to your wants and needs.

After the IBAC is conducted, a recap of our discussion is sent to you via email, along with our suggested approach, number of sessions, and other details.

All Dog Training and Behavior Trainees receive the PackFit “Welcome Kit” (containing any suggested communication tools, a signed copy of Kimberly’s book – “My Dog, My Buddha“, the PackFit treat training pouch, and more) and are enrolled in the “K9 Essentials” online program.

We’ve had great success with those in need who wish to work with us but can only do so from afar, so don’t let distance stop you from receiving the help and information you need. To join us, first purchase the IBAC, and we’ll get the ball rolling!