These two. The guy on the left is 10 years young and was rescued as a pup. He’s been with his family his whole life (awesome), and – sadly- also lost his sister just a few months ago.

Although no one was really looking to welcome another pup in, the 2 year old fella’ on the right and his plea for help landed on their radar. He’d been bounced around from home to home a few times, one home to include an 80 year old couple. Talk about a mismatch and a definite energy gap. Recipe for a behavioral hurricane, which is exactly what happened. He was returned to rescue and placed in boarding a few times; his insecurity, confusion, anxiety, and pent up energy surmounting and manifesting in a number of “expressions” (i.e. behaviors). The rescue was intending to euthanize him, which is when these people stepped up to give him the proper chance he deserves.

All too often we focus on the external visual displays of behavior instead of working to understand their birthplace. Their underlying, internal driving points. Their source. Dogs get immediately judged, labeled, discarded, brushed aside, even sentenced to death because of this.

My praise and adulation goes to these fine women who are willing to see and understand the dog underneath and beyond the expressions. Let the return to balance, and the investment in all its contributing factors, begin : )