Dogs look to us with such loving, adoring, understanding eyes. If only we could see ourselves the same way.

One of the most important relationships we can have is with that of the self; for this is what will strongly influence all other relationships we enter into. Yes, even with that of our beloved canine companions.

Beliefs and Self-Concept.

The Beliefs we hold about ourselves and our personal Self-Concept are intricately enmeshed, each affecting the other in a very big way; and are highly prominent in how we feel and what we see when we look in the mirror.

If we’re operating under the guise that we’re not worthy, enough, of value, lovable and so on, the choices we make and the people, situations and scenarios we find ourselves with and in will be directly proportionate.

Our Self-Concept is a fine blending of our Self-

– Trust,

– Respect,

– Love,

– Acceptance,

– Worth, and

– Value.

The choices we make are 100% reflective of this, whether it be what we choose to put in our bodies, the relationships we choose to surround ourselves with, the level of self-care we choose to provide ourselves, how we choose speak to and treat others, how we choose to show up, how we contribute, and what we offer the world.

A few ways to measure the Belief System we’ve subscribed to and the Self-Concept we’ve adopted, is by how we allow others to treat us, the words we choose to represent us when we’re in conversation, our general point of view, the thoughts we think, and the feelings we generate. In order to do this, we’ve got to become more self-aware and draw our attention inward. Taking notice of what gets triggered when interacting with others. It’s never about the other person, what’s being said or how they say it. It has everything to do with what’s being provoked and activated inside us. What’s being triggered.

It’s not about what we have, who we know, how much money we rake in, what kind of car we drive, how we look in a bathing suit, our partner’s level of hotness, how we appear on social media, our clothing brands or how popular we are; but rather our character, integrity, generosity of spirit, and kindness of heart.

Our bodies are the gorgeous instruments and vehicles we’ve been given to travel through life in. We’re each born with a great purpose. God-given talents and gifts we’re here to deliver in the way only we can.

When our relationship to self is nourished from a deeper level, we no longer rely on externals to fill the voids: other people, titles, cars and things. And we start to surround ourselves with different breeds of people.

Our relationship with ourselves and the outside world is a beautifully orchestrated, copacetic exchange of give and receive, but can only be practiced when we fully believe we’re absolutely worthy of it (and we are).

Our challenge in life is to see beyond the ego, beyond the camouflage and conditioning, and through the soul.

When we learn to love and accept ourselves as the perfectly-imperfect, miraculous and powerful beings we are and were created to be, a type of indescribable beauty emerges. Our relationship to self strengthens and becomes redefined; and when this happens, so do our relationships with others and how we choose to show up in this great world.

To see outward change, we must focus on inward change.

One of the most important lessons Dog teaches is to learn how to see ourselves as they see us: as the magnificent, amazing, beautiful beings we are.