None of us are guaranteed the next moment. The next hour. The next day or year. This can read as depressing, or motivating. We get to choose our perception, as well as how we choose to savor and make the most of each gift of a moment.

Dogs fully live through instinct and totally in present time. They don’t overthink, dwell in what happened yesterday, last week or in what could happen. They experience, embrace, relish and wholly live in each passing moment. Living their lives instead of thinking about living their lives.

People, on the other hand, are pretty much the opposite. We overthink. Carry what happened yesterday, last week, or even 10 years ago with us, and live in the land of “what if” and “what could” happen, hence creating stress, fear and anxiety.

Each day presents its own set of miracles and opportunities; but most of us are so focused on what we’re lacking and devoid of, that we often miss it all. We swim and live in a lack mentality, keeping us imprisoned, hopeless and faith-less. All of which is an illusion created by us.

If we spend too much time calculating, planning, weighing, and overthinking, opportunities and miracles pass us by.

Dog humbly and lovingly says, “carpe your diem!”

The more time we spend in “doing” and “being”, and the less time in calculation, the more life we experience. The more joy is had. The more fulfilled we become, and the more grateful we are for having taken a chance without fear of outcome.

We grow in perspective, courage, and confidence through experience.

Don’t waste too much time planning life… experience it!