We scoot first, then crawl; eventually making our way up to a stand, then a walk. Followed by: running, jumping, leaping, skipping, flipping and doing cartwheels.

We coo and make gurgle noises first, then sound out vowels; eventually forming words and putting whole sentences together. We learn to add 1 + 1, 2 + 2, 10 + 10, then begin to subtract, multiply, and divide.

We learn to play the piano, guitar, drums, or the harmonica. We’re free to explore who we are and what we naturally gravitate towards. We train and finer tune our innate gifts and talents: singing, drawing, dancing, whatever fills us with joy.

Whether it’s creative, athletic, scientific, or simply a fact of life; evolving, growth and improving involves taking small steps. Practicing then progressing. Getting better and better, developing and becoming.

Dogs feel. They have intellect, brains and purpose. And they’re just as eager to use and exercise them as we are. The problem is, is that many end up with people that believe a roof over their head, a bed, food in a bowl and a backyard is enough to meet a dog’s needs. This is where they’re so very wrong, and Dog will always let them know through behavior.

Challenge fosters growth. In Dog and in us. Taking the easy and most convenient route doesn’t; nor will it ever.

Challenge the brain. Challenge intellect. Challenge the body. And growth, strength and improvement is guaranteed. Regardless of species.