Many are quick to assume, place judgment or criticize based off of past experience or whatever beliefs we carry. We view things not as they are, but as we are.

What Dog softly and subtly teaches is to stay curious. Question everything. Even ourselves. To go beyond what meets the eye, as well as what we believe. To not judge a behavior, but consider the source of it. After all, any behavior, action or reaction is merely an expression and an extension of what lies beneath the surface.

Question everything.

Question what you read. Question what you think. Question what you hear. Question what you believe to be Truth.

When we question everything, we open ourselves up to Truth in its purest form without influence from our past, popular opinion or Ego. Opening ourselves up to growth, learning, and a deeper sense of compassion.

Being okay with the possibility of being wrong, missing a target, and working to understand why are important characteristics we should all learn to find peace with.

If we’re able to forego closed mindedness, self-important thinking, and maintain a dog-like curiosity about life, we’ll be on our way to deeper understanding.

It’s not a matter of right and wrong, but truth and untruth. Fact and fiction. Reality and assumption. Stay fluid in approach, open in theory, available and receptive. And, like Dog, keep your nose in the air and to the ground, taking in information from all around.