I firmly believe the word “can’t” should be stricken from anyone’s thought process and vocabulary, and that excuses should be given up for Lent every year instead of chocolate and soda pop.

Can’t suggests a lack in ability and presupposes we don’t have the means or resources to achieve a certain result, while won’t is simply a lack in will.

Can’t is an illusion, an excuse and a convenient manner of avoidance. It’s the safer, easier way out; the path of least resistance.

We all have ability, and we all have will. The determining factor is level of value, priority and depth of meaning. When something is of importance to us, we can be incredibly resourceful.

Can’t and find the time can often be found riding shotgun together. For the sake of example: “I can’t… find the time to walk my dog”, “I can’t… find the time to train my dog”, “I can’t… find the time to give my dog what she needs.” When someone says they “can’t find the time” to do something, it’s code for “it’s not a currently priority for me right now.”

Newsflash: Yes, you can. Where there is “will”, there is always “way.”

Yes, we live in a stress-inducing culture. Yes, we live in a society that celebrates, rewards, and expects 18 hour workdays. Yes, some of us have children, household chores, PTA meetings and familial duties. Yes, some of us may be in the midst of unfortunate circumstances: divorce, job loss, illness. Whatever the circumstance may be, it’s not the circumstance that dictates outcome. It’s us. It’s our attitude about it, approach and perception of it.

We live in a highly-connected world with an insane amount of information right at our fingertips. Links to professionals. “How To” videos. DVD’s. Books. Seminars and Workshops. Whatever the “can’t” is, there’s a myriad of solutions for it.

When we start addressing and challenging, head-on, the very things we thought and convinced ourselves we couldn’t do or achieve, we build self-respect, self-trust and self-confidence. When we make time to take a step back, readjust our sails and re-prioritize, taking care of things that top our list of importance instead of wasting our precious and valuable energy on the things that aren’t, we win. Our energy, time and attention are better directed and managed, freeing ourselves up for all who depend and rely on us.