There’s a lot of focus and emphasis on “giving”, as there should be. Much like every front has a back, every up has a down, every top a bottom, a left to every right, and a yin to every yang, “receiving” is as great a part of the practice of giving as the actual giving. You see? It’s all one beautiful act, in which both parts contribute and participate; each creating the whole.

We counter compliments with comments about our faults and why we don’t deserve the recognition. Instead of simply accepting a gift, we feel obligated to offer something in return. We try to come off as totally self-sufficient, waving people away when and if they try to offer a helping hand. We’re told that when we do this, we’re being humble, strong and independent. While these are awesome attributes to uphold, the manner in which we uphold them is what needs to be addressed. 


We intuitively know the difference between a gift with an agenda attached to it and an authentic one. In order to authentically receive, we must know and feel that we’re most deserving and worthy of it first. We are. When we have a genuine love and a full-on acceptance of ourselves, it becomes easier to accept and receive love and recognition in all forms.

Dogs don’t ever deny or downplay. They accept, receive and enjoy with open paws. They give all of who they are, and receive whatever we offer in return.

Love, give, receive, and repeat.