Every relationship has its challenges, and I firmly believe everything and everyone crosses our path with great purpose; whether it be to teach, remind, help heal, challenge, inspire or help shuttle us into our next chapter.

What I’ve found with human relationships is that they can be especially challenging because we, as people, are constantly evolving, becoming, learning and growing. Who we are at 20 years of age isn’t the same person at 25, 35, 40, 50 and so on. While this is a great thing, sometimes the people in our lives want us, our relationship and dynamic to remain “the way it’s always been” so they feel more comfortable. Holding onto and maintaining the familiar. When one person in a dynamic begins to change, discover their courage, strength, worth, beauty and power, it can be quite intimidating to someone who’s not ready to do so themselves just yet; and may cause some friction.

We’re each on our own unique journeys in life. It takes compassion for both ourselves and others to let go of who and what doesn’t support, inspire, lift up or nurture us.

In recognizing our self-worth, value and strength, we’re able to show up as better, more fulfilled versions of ourselves in all areas of life; and when we’re fulfilled, we no longer depend on external things or other people to validate us. How liberating!

When we commit to ourselves, we indirectly commit to others and those we love, especially Dog.

A dog’s quality of life is completely reliant on the choices we make and how we show up for them. They are 100% dependent upon us to provide all they need to stay healthy, balanced, comfortable and secure.

Having a dog is a major commitment. My hope is we’ll all learn to live up to its meaning.