We are linked and related by blood, but what binds us as family is being related by: love, loyalty, trust, commitment, appreciation, acceptance, devotion, dependability, support, respect, and honesty.

We seem to be the only animal family who tends to completely disregard this.

Dog fully embodies these characteristics, which is why I’ve always considered them family.

As many humans spend their days trying to figure themselves out, what their purpose is, and trying to find success, greatness, and wealth; Dog gently and lovingly says, “You’re already a success. You’re already great. You’re already wealthy. You’re already living your purpose,” adding, “You’re my hero, and I’ll always love you no matter what you have or what you wear.”

Dogs see what we don’t, acknowledging what we won’t.

This is why people tend to gravitate more towards the purity of relationship Dog has to give. No coercion. No manipulation. No force. Just the natural unfolding and beautiful becoming of a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship like no other.

Dogs remind us that family is behavior, not an entitlement. It’s a manner of living, supporting, treating, loving, caring and selflessly relating; because true, genuine love is always without condition.