We’re human, and humans feel. And get emotional. And over-react. Bad hair days. Spilling coffee in the car. Misplacing our keys. Going to the store and coming back with everything but… what we actually went in for. Getting behind the slowest car on the road when we’re in a hurry. Mustard squirting out on our shirt right before a big presentation at work.

It’s not about the event that’s happening. It’s how we respond to it.

There are going to be mishaps, hiccups, setbacks, face plants, and random, annoying occurrences. It’s all part of this marvelous circus called “life”.

The more self-aware we become, the better able we are to make good choices that are in alignment with our personal values and what feels good.

We always have a choice. We don’t have control over the future or what could happen, but we do have control over how we choose to respond to it. When we’re able to practice detachment, stepping outside the situation, and separating ourselves from the actual event, we no longer fall susceptible to the illusion of victimhood and ego. We don’t take it personally. We win.

(Detachment + objectivity) – reactivity = proactivity

The more we stress, the more we keep flooding our system with cortisol, which is the “stress hormone”. When cortisol is constantly coursing through our system, our risk of heart disease rises, our immune system is suppressed and weakens, physical “emotional baggage” shows up in the form of extra pounds and weight, it negates our ability to make clear, sound decisions, and much, much more.

Dog lovingly says: CHILL. Don’t sweat the small stuff; most of it is just that.