We don’t grow when we’re not challenged.

If we always got what we wanted, when we wanted and as often as we wanted; if everything came easy, we wouldn’t learn how to navigate difficult scenarios. When we give, give, give~ to our children, our dogs, we rob them of this valuable lesson, as well.

Adversity teaches us all how to assess and adapt. Develop resiliency. Become more self-aware and disciplined. It teaches us how to stay grounded during turbulent times, the power of humility and perseverance, and the meaning of gratitude.

Bones and muscles build and strengthen under pressure, and weaken when not put to use; and so do we, emotionally and mentally. Pressure tests what we’re made of, and adds to it.

Don’t fear challenge. Don’t be afraid to get marked up in the arena. After all, aren’t scars just reminders we were stronger than whatever tried to break us?

Watch a second-chance dog who lost his legs from years of abuse and neglect scoot around in a wheelchair with glee, fully embracing the moment, the joy and the freedom. Choose to see adversity as a stepping stone, not a crutch.

Adversity can (and does) strengthen us.