We’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve been given and what we know at each point in time.

Humans do and have done some of the cruelest, most unspeakable acts. I see stories of canine neglect, abuse, carelessness and complete disregard fly by my computer screen on the daily. Despite all these atrocities, dogs’ willingness to trust again is nothing short of amazing.

When we don’t have trust, we don’t have relationship. To trust, and to be trusted, is to feel emotionally safe, worthy, approved of, and meaningfully connected.

This is an ever-evolving concept, process and practice. Trusting ourselves, trusting situations, and trusting others.

We’re born into this world with perfect and absolute trust. This beautiful credence becomes damaged, bruised and broken as we journey through life; then beliefs start to form, world and self-concepts, filters and emotional armor. We “harden”, become guarded, blocked off, protective, and very selective in who we allow into our inner circle. Vulnerability, the “ability” to show up without this armor, becomes a risky adventure.

(Re)Building trust is a process and a daily practice, as is healing; but in order to heal, we must become vulnerable.

Dogs show up, vulnerable and willing to risk trust again. It’s not fair to hold those in our present responsible for what someone or a group of someone’s may have done to damage our trust in our past. We could learn much from this tip.