Most of us wake up and jump right into the hustle-n’-bustle of a day, diving into our daily to do list without so much as a thought to the fact that we woke up to another day. Another blank page ready for content.

Our dogs wake up every morning with zest and sizzle. They’re simply excited to be alive! Their joy is unaffected and uninfluenced by our labels and judgments. It’s all the same to them. A warm blanket on the floor of a shack vs. a warm bed on the floor of a mansion. As long as they’re warm, comfortable and cozy, they’re content.

Dog humbly reminds us that every day is a gift. There’s a saying out there, that we “don’t know what we’ve got ’til it’s gone.” Dog encourages us to know what we’ve got while we have it. Appreciate and covet it, for there are no guarantees in life.