Taylor (Swift) took a tip from Dog when she wrote that catchy lil’ tune that caught like wildfire, “Shake it off!”.

Shake it off. Let it go. Forget about it. Move on. Get over it. Kick it to the curb. In summary: release it and keep moving forward.

Aside from shaking water off, of course, when a dog shakes his or her body, it’s a calming signal and mechanism. When they’re in a scenario that’s overly-arousing, overwhelming, stressful or intense, dogs do this to settle themselves down. It’s all contextual, so setting, environment and circumstances do factor in greatly.

Shake-It-Off Tips for Humans:

– go for a walk, hike or run (with Fido, of course),
– Tae Bo your way to relief (kickboxing is always one of my biggest
go to’s when I need to release intense emotional energy),
– read a book,
– take a nice, warm sea salt bath with essential oils,
– get out of your head and onto paper; journal! (express, don’t
– paint, dance, express yourself creatively (channel your emotional
energy in a healthier, more productive way),
– watch a comedy,
– get together with a funny, witty friend who can help put a positive
spin on the moment,
– learn the fine art of detachment,
– don’t take it personally,
– release the thoughts, drama and beliefs that don’t support who
and where you want to be in life,
– get a massage, reflexology or acupuncture treatment,
– soak yourself in a sea salt bath with essential oils (see which scent speaks to you in that moment, you’ll find your body will change its preferences according to what it needs most),
– meditate.

We choose who and what we invite into our lives, as well as how we respond and deal. When there’s too much overwhelm and intensity, be like Dog. Give yourself some space, and shake it off!


Photo Credit: 4 Paws University