While most people want to jump from “A” to “Z” and skip everything in between, Dog humbly reminds us that every step counts.

The time, effort, care, focus and attention we invest in and give to our dogs is absolutely priceless. It builds trust, respect, understanding, and the foundation for a beautiful relationship.

We reach our goals through successfully moving through a series of steps; each one in place to help us get closer to our end result and ultimate goal.

When it comes to dog training, everything we do with our dogs is a conversation. Body language and positioning. The energy we’re projecting. Leash tension. Spatial pressure. How and where our weight is shifted. Whether we ignore or address undesired behavior. The state of mind we’re showing affection to or rewarding. Even tense and emotional energy between the humans a dog shares space with.

Every little thing a dog gives us is something to be celebrated when working towards something, and can be built upon. Eye contact. Taking just one small step forward when they’ve been frozen with fear. Ignoring a dog walking by when it would normally trigger a more theatrical response. Giving respectful space when we’re eating dinner.

When trying to communicate with your dog, whether it be teaching commands or tricks or teaching what is acceptable and non-acceptable behavior, work in steps. Dog training is both a practice and a process.

We can’t get to the top of the staircase without taking the stairs (unless there’s an elevator, but humor me here).

Practice patience. Stay committed. Be consistent. And you’ll master each step in joy and in confidence, together.