private trainingFounder Kimberly Artley has been described as the “Mary Poppins” of dog training
, and specializes in solving behavioral challenges using her unique holistic approach to uncover and address the underlying root cause of behavior. Not just the symptoms and expressions.

Much like humans, when a need or set of needs are going unmet and unfulfilled, dogs develop coping mechanisms, numbing techniques or ways of “acting out” through the frustration, stress, fear and insecurity this has caused. We take a microscopic look at what’s feeding and influencing these behaviors and states of mind, leaving no stone unturned. This, inevitably, ensures long lasting results, peace of mind, and a far better quality of life for everyone.

Whether it’s separation anxiety, excessive barking, digging, whining, jumping, counter-surfing, aggression, chewing, leash-pulling, or more, we’ve got you covered. No drugs, no bandaids, no quick-fixes.

We come to you. We do this so we can work with you and your companion in the most common, natural and realistic of settings to get the most effective results.

Let us help you and your dog return to balance and joy, and create the type of relationship you’ve been dreaming of. We’ve got enough tools, tricks, and techniques to modify most any behavior in any dog, even if you’ve sought previous help and haven’t gotten the results you desired.

Our goal is to set everyone up for success, and provide the tools, clarity and understanding in order to do so.

“My husband and I adopted Oliver from a dog rescue in New Jersey in 2010. He was a fun, loving puppy. He was easily housebroken and crate trained. Despite all of the positive aspect Oliver displayed, he was always a little anxious (like me!).

We thought he would grow out of his nervousness. He did not. Finally, long overdue, we made the decision to seek assistance from a professional. Our goal was to decrease Oliver’s anxiety.

We searched for trainers, we requested recommendations from friends, we combed through websites. We found PACKFIT. We loved the mission and vision of Kimberly’s business. We thought her philosophies would be a great match for Oliver.

PACKFIT changed our lives! Kimberly took the time to understand our situation, Oliver’s needs, and our desires. Kimberly kindly reminded us that we needed to be the leaders Oliver was asking us to be. She taught us the language Oliver was speaking. She gave us the tools to meet Oliver’s needs, in turn, increasing his quality of life.

Oliver is a completely different dog now, and I must say, we are completely different dog parents. Our home, once filled with an anxious tone, is now Oliver’s soft place to land. It is our calm spot in our busy world.
This is all because Kimberly came into our lives.”

Kristen M.

Relief and quality of life starts here.

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Inconsistent efforts will reap inconsistent results. Consistent efforts will reap consistent results

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